Who Dat? lyrics

Rating: 3.36
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Artist(s)Dr. Hook the Medicine Show
Album(s)Makin' Love Music

Some more hyphens with Johnson and Green;
Palmer and Hook, and then Matterson, Cooke,
And Pierce, and then Winters and Dean;
Some more of my family is Drinkwater, Wheatland, then Waters, Fields,
Hopkins and Banks;
There's Studham and Stidham, then add a whole cache
Of more hyphens for Benson and Hawkins and Nash,
Wells-Wheeler and Richmond, then add one more dash --
Make some more room for Turne now. Thanks!
Garcia, and Ruiz and Ruz;
Calderon and Paz, Barraza-Diaz,
Saenz and Alvarez, Cruz;
Gomez and Suarez and Lopez and Juarez, Zamora, Andrade, Ortegas;
Villanueva, Ojeda and Prado and Sias,
Hinojosa-Bermudez and Vegas!

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