You Win Again lyrics

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Artist(s)Domino Fats
Album(s)  -

Suavecita, you love me tenderly
Can i take you in my arms
And give you all of me, all of me

Let's love tonight, in every way
Girl let's not fight, the way we feel
Holding you tight, never never want to
Stop you know you got me got me
Swimming deep inside your loving girl

You know i want it baby
Got to have it
Give me a taste of love, taste of love
You know i need it baby so you won't you come
And give me a taste of love

Sweet lady, what is going on
You lookk so good to me i want you
For my own, my very, very, very, very own


Suavecita, you look so good to me
Can i take you home tonight and love you tenderly
(so tenderly girl)

La mas linda in the world
I hope you want to be a Barrio Girl
Por favor, senorita, please
Da me el sabor de la amorarita
You look fresh to me
It's like destiny
And i need a little T-A-S-T-E
I put my arms around you
And then i wrap it tight
I need a taste of love
I got the appetite

(chorus 2)
Samos el Barrio bailando
Somos el Barrio gozando


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