Do Wah Diddy lyrics

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Chorus 1:

I love to beat the big bass drum,


I'd be as happy as they come,

If I could beat the big bass drum.

They tell me there are some who feel

A feeling for the glockenspiel;

I reckon that's all-right for some,

I love to beat the big bass drum.


If it's in the music store

Or a drum and bugle corps;

Marching forward as to war,

I repeat, it's the sweetest sound!

Would I rather play the fife?

Wouldn't try to save my life?

Would I rather beat my wife?

No, not I!

I supply music by the pound.

Chorus 2:

If I could only make the grade,

I wouldn't care how much it weighed;

I wouldn't care if I got paid,

Or if I had to promenade

Around the town in some parade,

It might be ninety in the shade.


I love to beat the big bass drum.

Some can spot a sonata

Or plot a cantata,

But I gotta beat the drum!

Interlude 1:

Picture me on key,

In big-time company,



Not the fella with the big baton,

Even though he really carries on;

Not the squeaky little piccolo

Nor the trombones as they blow ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho.

Holy mack'rel, see the cymbals fly,

Pretty soon I should be passin' by;

What, they had me hidden?

That was me, no kiddin'!

Holdin' up the big bass drum...

Interlude 2:

There's a part

When they start

Playin' a martial air;

When the brass

Shows real class,

Blowin' a bright fanfare.

For a moment all is quiet,

Then the rhythm starts a riot;

Chorus 3:

Almost like a New Years' night

Or when a fella picks a fight;

Or like a homer in the stands,

It makes you wanna clap your hands.

It makes you wanna tap your feet

And that's the reason I repeat:


I love to beat the big bass drum!

Some musicians are cuter

At tootin' a tooter,

But I love a big bass drum!

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