Coming Atractions lyrics

Rating: 3.66
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Artist(s)Chapman Steven Curtis
Album(s)All Things New

I make $4.25
barely enough to stay alive
and it sucks making minimum wage
the same as people half my age
my brain is turning into crud
and my name might as well be mud
what self-respect i had was lost
when I call a primate boss
over 40 zillion served
and still you say what i deserve
are the few dollars that i make
with all the profit you take
and I'm just another soldier
in the army without a face
and who cares how I feel
cause i can easily be replaced
The next time you eat at a burger joint
just stop and think
about the money they're makin
for the shit they're takin
and just how much it stinks
Someone with an attitude comes along
and says these pickles don't belong
no sauce no onions easy on the mayo
drivin me buggy have me singin dayo
woman want cheeseburger, but she don't want no cheese
I have a dream and here's how it goes
one day we'll all bond together
and the young and the old and the mentally slow
won't work another day ever
and then Ronald and Jack, the King and Wendy too
will be the one's saying May I help you?
Hope to see that day
when I'm alive
but for now I'm makin

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