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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Soundtrack
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Old Lamplighter lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Artist(s)Bob Kuban The In-Men
Album(s)  -

[Verse One:]


Spell it to the letter

I'm out of the ghetto

Some could tell my story

But who could tell it better

Nobody slinuner

Thinkin he's a winner

Pullin on the wool-er

Finger on the trigger

Scramb-a-lin, ramb-a-lin

Thinks he la right gamb-a-lin

Ambul-ance head crack

Cause he took a chance

That you didn't rip, the one he didn't think a flip

But if I'm shakin ya down, believe you're losing your grip

Money I'm rollin I'm rollin I'm rollin I'm rollin again

Honeys I know

That wanna know me adapt

Let me tell a joke

Cause a funny'll get

Slept onna step I'm gettin money again

Yo flim to the flam to the D to the poise

Seperate the men from the boys, those are the toys

Negroes'll front, that's if they got what you want

But yo they freeze on a stunt

I'm feelin more than a blunt

Never was a gangster even at a street pix

But swingin on a swinger you'll be strollin with a limp

So get up easy cause it's simple as this

Give us a shot how could you think that I miss

Yesterday's a memo, the demo sold a bundle

No I'm not conceited though for y0u I won't be humble

Been around the block and it ain't our first day out

Crazy with a stick and yo I throws a blow a-way out

Kids who use to stay out till I roll needed the gray out

Hobbies we attackin now we're skelly and knockin clay out

Papas on the hurough, in every burough

Nobody could front, ya see my family's crazy thorough

Two quince sure

And yo the others are done

No fables at the table

We'llerit the no that's in my blood

So I, stand tall

And lay for the call

To counter-react

Because we're real I tell ya who's gonna pack


[Verse Two:]

Yo it's not easy at the top

Which is why we play the back

Not to say that we don't strive

In fact, to be exact

It's a one-sided coin

Gotta know how to flip it

And I say lucky in the flip

If you ask me for a tip

Now we're back on

Word to the life build receipt

Me thinks this things are broken

Lings how can we be complete

Heads always collided

with the brain we could be glidin

While we stab him in the back

When I see Isrob beside him

So Lawnge/long (huh), we waited

So Lawnge/long (what), we hated

Play it to this day it doesn't have to be debated

If I played it as an ego

With a final life and group ins

On Lawnge (Never party poopin

Scoopin while my loopin went in

Rhymin I'm climbin check it out

It's like this all the time)

And I know (and I know)

And I know (and I know)

Black Sheep freak sweet styles

Just like we're supposed ta

Cause Dres will pull the wool

Cause before Black Sheep made a poster

Always liftin skirts

Fore we ever made a t-shirt

And we been leapin obstacles

Before the game of Q-Bert

Take this or that, both of that

Lookin past the cat

If she was playin possum

Then they pull a rabbit from the hat


[Verse Three:]

Now rich man poor man

Beggar-man theif

If I were an engine

I wouldn't be the chief

You can play the chief

But we be tipper tee-pees

Cause money he don't owe me

And honey she don't see me

Chuckle at your belt buckle

Whether or not I'm on the DL

Expedition with permission

If the mission were impossible

Wouldn't be here dear

Black Sheep droppin songs

That last as long as Frigidaires

Call me un-Dres Dres go Dre go

Not to run it in the ground

I gave the recipe to Prego

Have to sell a million pounds

The ya-yo, from Play-Doh

Party the we started

Runnin charted some

Where? Over the rainbow

Guess I suffer from C-R-S

Cause I forgot em

Lyrics I got em you need em you need em I got em

Can't stand the fall

My beeperis out of reach

I mean the stakes are too high

So I got to get each

And every single solitary

Ligit digit on my leg

You're buggin cause we did ya

You come and we get ya

Clearin my eyes

Me and a tear in the corner

Layin on ya I'm gonna I'm gonna lay it on ya


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