Last Year's Nest lyrics

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Artist(s)Boy Sets Fire
Album(s)  -

One two, once again
Who be the next man to get wreck and
Artifacts, remix, Showbiz, D.I.T.C.
One, one, one two three four five

Verse One: El Da Sensai, Tame One

We bring forth the swords in rap sports
Niggaz play the bench for us, overtime if niggaz wanna shine
But I'm, the rhyme don taking out imposters
Proper with these fat tips, practice good posture
Not a, liquor sipper drug-transacter
Rapper-turned-actor nor be a lyrical slackard
Rapper for today's youth, check the attribute
Name Sensai, AOF, make niggaz regroup
Scoop these, ramsacked tracks like jewel thieves
Break it down to the matter cause the chatter's on squeeze

LADIES AND GENTS!!! We represent and take offense
to all the nonsense, here to resurrect like Com Sense
We rhymin fresh, nonetheless, don't stress the messengers
Boucning to the beat like big breastses
After this rap skit, kids go back and practice, lackin this
lyrical tactics when they match wits, who the?
captains over the boom bips
Rippin over the music when I use
just before I black out and I lose it
Able to stable a turntable
Raping record labels for papers, press record, tape us

Chorus: repeat 2X

You know the time when we rock the spot
Artifacts, New Jeruz, catch wreck and get the props
You know the time when we rock the shit
Tame One and MC El we be the ultimate

Verse Two: El Da Sensai

The fly style terrorist, blitzed to fits
Different vocals for the locals tricks for the remix, pick
notes, quote, still fresh when ass-broke
Past Go, when I move rap you in my lasso
Flow, pro-fessional, casual, on point, New
Jersey niggaz with the shit that's natural
Put words into patterns scheme plans for any man who think
He know the time and his rhyme don't stink
We be the ultimate (Ultimate what?) Plus
Lyrical performance making sense a must
Bust back, with compositions paragraphs on your phonograph
as is, producer credit under Showbiz
That's Them blend lick shot, movin with strategical
lethal, rhyme style, considered unbelievable


Verse Three: Tame One

Picture this like it's a cinema flick
We in the midst of taking over this, half of you
crabs don't even notice this, scope this
We know the risk and still take it, we could make it
We've already been the underrated
If I shine I shine, if I brick I just brick
If you diss, we can take it to the curb like dog shit
I'm not in it for the gimmicks, satisfying critics
I just want my own like the Hasidics
Mine on the sidelines, MC's Hail Mary
But I be in the box kicking my commentary
Quick to bury MC crews who lose at my circumfrence
And hit em with the spit I roll my blunts with
It be the ultimate, fuck the dumb shit we run it half-blunted
or crazy drunk off the eight hundred


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