Faster Faster lyrics

Rating: 2.98
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Album(s)Speed Ballads

My skin creeps
I'd like to sleep
World get up without me
Another day that I'll hate
And it takes so long
And the people come
And it's every freezing morning
Sometimes they never come at all
Just sitting here with shoes and perfume
Make up and the mirror
Just give it up, Let me out
Out of here,
Faster don't stop
Get me out,
Out of here
Faster faster
My feet on fire
Yeah he's a liar
Playing judge and jury
I'll just pretend he's someone else
And the phone can ring and I won't begin now
To say that I'm not your baby
I kind of wished I never was
Not stayin' here
With you the rent the red bills
And the tears
Just give it up
Let me out
Out of here
Don't stop
Get me out
Out of here
Faster faster
Faster faster
Faster faster

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