Dan lyrics

Rating: 2.99
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Artist(s)Eric Bogle
Album(s)  -

Words and music by Shawn Mullins

I've got a suitcase packed full of memories
and evening's drawing near
The mountain smiles upon me now
it's all down hill from here
an Anchorage of silence, a port of serenity
I had to bow and kneel before I ever
knew the real me But I understand for
the first time why I call you my home
like a free man running from himself
I had nowhere left to roam
There upon your mountains wading in your streams
like a distant star the city's far behind me
and I ask you now will you take me in
because I never knew what I had till it was gone
I have to sing my song there's no letting go
Just can't stop the show This is where I belong

Now it's 0500 on a Monday morn
under a starry sky with old Iron Mike looking
over me and the sleep still in my eyes
So wrap yourself around me now and hold me
till the sun rises and another day's begun

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