With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair lyrics

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Artist(s)Bob Crosby
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You know I know right? You know I know.
I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know

Oh Lord, why did I have to live so many lies
Forced to live my life inside my own mind
My eyes don't cry no more so pray for
Charged with my own conviction I paid for
Can't take livin' a day more or even say more
Wicked shit got bitches posin' like they Drew Berymore
Earth spinnin', niggaz sinnin', the devil's steadily grinnin'
Too much drama in this world and it ain't even in it
It's the beginnin', I know you'd like to know if ya winnin'
But it's all Reel Life and there ain't no pretendin'
Situations you've been in got the world Earl Flynn'in
You got the world Earl Flynn'in
And I know

I know that you don't like me
And wanna see me inside a C-A-S-K-E-T
They say the only way to be a real MC
Is to getcha head blew off and be D-E-A-D

I know [21x]

Aviation 30,000 feet up in the clouds
'Fallen Angel' from the Heavens, see they never allowed
So I vow to kick it, Reel shit is wicket
Notice the way I flow this when the venom's inflicted
Bashin' for the blastin', the underground assassin
Bitchass niggaz, you know I don't let they ass in
Couple-a people I murder, couple-a people are friend
But in the fuckin' end it's really all about the ends
Oh shit, did you see that new fuckin' Benz
I like them shits wit' the 20 inch rims
I've been tellin' these fuckin' niggaz all the time on the do-low
When you 'Boomin' for years, users wanna kill ya flow
I know you hoe


Everybody that's rappin' don't think these niggaz are cappin'
'Cuz when somebody die you already know what's gon' happen
Now everybody wanna run around and be the killas
I'm straight off the East Side, ain't none reala
Peala nigga in a millisecond
And can't no record tell you how I'm livin'
The Unforgiven, suicide driven, underground and risen
Screamin' 'Fuck prisons' all prisons, bitches, disses
This is just a demonstration of how I control the situation
Bullets penetratin', I still roll on a Dayton
Wit' the .9 on the lap waitin', waitin', waitin'
For ya ass to leap so I can putcha to sleep
Shit's deep in these streets, let the pistol grip sweep
Like a broom, but the boom will send you to ya doom
360 degrees back outcha mom's womb
I know

(Chorus) [3x]

I know....

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