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Artist(s)The Blank Theory
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Stan: Howdy folks, lets go for a ride.
Get your favorite one to sit by your side.
Cuddle up in the sleigh,
Giddy up Nellie Gray!

And away we go!

Wendy: While you're listening to the sleigh bells ring
You're yodeling to your bay-be.
You'll feel nice and warm
No matter how cold it may be!

Stan: Take a look at little Jack and Jill
They ski down a hill
There's a snow plow turn
Look there's a spill

There's a spill on the hill
When you're down it's a thrill
To get up again.

Together: Everybody ought to learn to ski
'Cause that's how we first met.

Wendy: We were that Jack and Jill
That came down a hill

Stan: When I looked at you
My heart took a spill

Wendy: Took a spill on a hill

Stan: It's a thrill...

Together: ..that I can forget.
It happened in Sun Valley
Not so very long ago

Stan: There were sunbeams in the snow
And a twinkle in your eye

Wendy: I remember, oh so clearly
That you nearly passed me by

Together: Then it happened in Sun Valley
When you slipped and fell and so did I!

Wendy: Catch me Stan!

Stan: [BARF]

Wendy: Ewwww!
Look, Stan! I made a snow angel.

Stan: [BARF]

Wendy: Ewwww!

Together: I remember oh so clearly
That you nearly Passed me by
Then it happened in Sun Valley
When you tripped and fell and so did I

Stan: Now every year we go back and then

Wendy: We recall that fall and that moment when

Stan: We were there on the hill

Together: So we both take a spill
And we're Jack and Jill... again.

Wendy: [KISS]

Stan: [BARF]

Wendy: Ewwww!

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