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Why won't my hands stop shaking

When all the earth is still

When ancient ghosts are waking

So many steps need taking

So many plans need making

I think I will

I think I will

Morning glow, morning glow

Starts to glimmer when you know

Winds of change are set to blow

And sweep this whole land through

Morning glow is long past due

Morning glow fill the earth

Come and shine for all you're worth

We'll be present at the birth

Of old faith looking new

Morning glow is long past due


Oh, morning glow, I'd like to help you grow


We should have started long ago


So, morning glow all day long

While we sing tomorrow's song

Never knew we could be so strong

But now it's very clear


Morning glow is almost here

Morning glow by your light

We can make the new day bright

And the phantoms of the night

Will fade into the past

Morning glow is here


At last!

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