Punk Rock City lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Black Frank
Album(s)Cult Of Ray

1. She said I don't usually dance this close to stangers
You know a girl can't be too careful with her heart
But I saw you and thought that you looked harmless
When you smile that way I'm not so sure you are

2. I said I don't usually come here for the dancin',
You can tell that by the way I move, When I saw you
I thought that it was hopeless
And I just had to ask you for a dance or two

Somewhere in the stars it must be written,
Girl we've got to take this chance that we've been given,
If there's a heaven here on Earth
I think we found it
If this ain't love, we're dancin' all around it.

Music stopped and we're still holdin' each other,
This feels like the beginning of forever,

Repeat Chorus

She said I don't usually dance this close to strangers

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