True, Part Iii lyrics

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Artist(s)Blonde Concrete
Album(s)Group Therapy

[Featuring Prodigy Of Mobb Deep]
Extrordinary. Extrordinary. Yo (alright).
Big Noyd:
The trife life of living famous bustin' shots live it's dangerous
In midnight we do it right in clear blue light
The trife life rough wearin' handcuffs like bracelets
25 to life we faced it
Got on the run and got wasted
Mad agony havin' me more vexed
Got me pullin' out techs on opposite sex (uh)
The cream got me fiend (fiend) for masterville scheme (scheme)
Like doin' drivebys in stretched limozeens
I got tons of guns (uh) my niggas on the run pack the nickel plated
Get the cheddar however dun cause niggas got dreams
Painted king the drug sling got they brain drained
Just to sling cocaine continusly seriously
My brain blunted the lye done it
We makin' hundreds that's all we wanted
To see my ill mean team seein' cream
The Infamous comin' outta Queens
Yo check it check it
Yo it's the Pee me and the N.O.Y.D.
We put the chedda togetha so we can double the o.z.s
It grows like some family trees and beanstalks
Some hustlers naturally born with street smarts
Yo Karate it's you and Gotti y'all lift the weight
Me and Noyd attempt staring down at the plate
The Mobb niggas living wild inside of New York state
The five gates is a nigga is shook let him shake
While the coke back
Chef trip cook a boulder over the shoulder
With the wonders with they hands in pot holders
Soloist get rolled over
Rappin' Noyd takin' over you crossed over
Then you bucked in October
November, December came out the hospital keyed up
Paralysed from your feet up now slow ya speed up (uh)
Big Noyd:
So recognize and realize I'm not the nigga lied
On the side of me Prodigy on the strength of who he be
So recognize and realize I'm not the nigga lied
B.I.G. N.O.Y.D. he rip it constantly
Big Noyd:
I stay cool and causous with extra sources my nine Taurus hit bosses
Luitenents who's ever in it
Once the main man drop I got it locked to take it all why not?
Don't let that nigga Noyd get the drop I'm comin' steady heavy
Ready to murder pullin' triggers (triggers)
Soon to be famous dangerous type of nigga
I'm type crucifix definatly true to this
The natural born hustler Noyd finessin' it
Use to hustlin' tustlin' bustin' niggas wide open
No Jokin' like Rakim you must be smokin' (uh)
To fuck around with this you try to compare you didn't hear?
That nigga Noyd is extrodinar nigga what?
Pioneer is extra ordinary rap flow
Sneek peek my Mobb style we clapped at your rap show
We formulate judged debatin' like some polititons
And come together like some coalition in position (wooo)
My team'll huddle your scheme was too suttle
Our crews cross paths your whole swarm face get bubble
Lookin' for trouble afraid so you found a couple
Me and rappin' Noyd blastin' off like NASA space shuttle (uh)
Prodigy my powers refined now they erupt in time
For climax you small cats what is you touchin'?
We complex your man got slapped just off of reflex
Learn from his mistake so avoid from being next
Holiday thugs occassionally act like thugs
Battery backs with Alkaline and Duracell mugs
A-yo Noyd these niggas must be on powerful drugs (crazy son)
(word up) Don't fuck kid word up
Hook (x2)
(Word up) No doubt nine pound, we get down (the rappin' Noyd) Prodigy
the side of me (the rappin' Noyd) uh uh (the rappin' Noyd) Prodigy
rappin' Noyd) on the side of me. Prodigy, on the side of me. Yo we out

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