Herzen Haben Fl lyrics

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You are Enemy
You are my hated Enemy
I am Enemy
Number One-Rated Enemy
I'm labeled Enemy
I am your mortal Enemy
My actions Enemy
Make me your bitter Enemy.

All the world around Enemy, (ow ow)
They're tearin' up the ground Enemy, (ow ow)
They're drawn in by the sound, Enemy, Enemy
I must eliminate my E-ne-my.

Your people Enemy
My people's hated Enemy,
What are you Enemy
Though a created Enemy.
Terminate the Enemy
Eradicate the hated Enemy
I am an Enemy
My very greatest enemy.

**Repeat Chorus**


You try to tell me that you love life,
Then find another way to kill life.
(repeat above x3)

Wanting, Love Life
Needing, Kill Life
Wanting, Love Life
Needing, Kill Life

E-ne-my (x8)

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