S.u.i.t lyrics

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I've been a little reluctant to share my feelings out loud
I've never done well addressing a crowd
But love can't live in shadows
That's not what love's about
It's time romance in the closet came out

Call the times with the news
Tell them Boys, stop the presses
I've got a headline for you
Just say: I certify there's a guy whose love is true

Tell the ships out at sea not to send S.O.S's
Everything's finally okay
I'm content with a gent who has sent the clouds away
Climb the highest church steeple and tell all the folks
I have what they're down on their knees for
I love you and it's no secret anymore

Tell Dear Abbey to write what she wants, it won't matter
Because I don't need advice
What you've got is too hot for me not to roll the dice

Let the rumors go wild, let the gossips just chatter
And let the scandal commence
We'll just tell them we fell and to hell with common sense

Take a deep breath and sing it all over the place
Then breathlessly whisper the encore
I love you and it's no secret anymore

I've always played love too close to the vest
Trying to hide it somehow
Acting as if I was under arrest till now

Put a sign in Times Square
Get an internet address
Baby dot com turtledove
Ring a bell, start to yell
But just tell them we're in love

Get a billboard and paint it a hundred feet high
Tell all the world what they're in for
You're the man that I simply adore
I love you and it's no secret anymore

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