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Nu Du K lyrics

Rating: 1.11
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Nadu Nadudu, Nadu Nadudu...
Sleep now, my darling, sleep.
Sleep now on my breast.
This is what you are dreaming:
Hold me, nurse me and love me
That I may grow strong and be a great man.
Then, like my fathers,
Go to the streams for fishing.
To Hanmas, to catch the spring salmon.
I will fish at the Echo Cliff
And find gifts for the Thunder Woman.
Sleep now, my darling, sleep.
Darling baby boy.
Dream well while I hold you safe.
Nadu Nadudu.
When I become a hunter,
I will go to the mountains.
There, where my grandfathers went.
I will go and set my bear traps.
I will find food for my people.
No one of you shall be hungry.
Nadu Nadudu, Nadu Nadudu...
Dream well while I hold you safe.
Nadu Nadudu.

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