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My darling the stars they shine for you
My darling the birds [whistling] twitter for you
My darling my heart skips a beat
Whenever I think of you
And under a moonlit sky
I pray and dream that I
Will be the one will be the one that you...

Bend over and bang good and hard from behind
Have me on all fours, howling at the sky
I'll give your cock a good long suck
Then you'll give me a long hard fuck
Squeeze my tits all big and bouncy
Then spunk all over my botty
I want to be your butt-hot greasy slut
Greasy slut
Begging for more for I just can't get enough
Can't get enough

When I leave your tool used-up, worn and soggy
I won't stop then, oh no no
I'll become your little leg-humping doggy
Let me be your dirty fucking whore

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