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forget every word you spoke.
regret this life to choke.
purity just a blinded coward.
seventeen the number you chose me.
seventeen curses now will be blamed on your sacred black heart, now I'm awake.
my will is stronger than before.
you don't know me, you don't see me.
you will never fucking know me.
everything went black tonight.
now I'm sick of being blamed for your worthless identity of a victim the claim you make.
a false claim for a bullshit tear.
not from me anymore not from me anymore.
anymore. not anymore.
now I cast a thousand plagues on you.
so left behind to make immense.
now I am set free and I can see right through you,
but you're too blind to see me.
red. red is the color that makes me sick and is paid for in blood.
it's paid for with your blood.
and now we're taking it back.
take it all back.
this time to my eyes you no longer exist to me.
red painted walls you'll have our day in the sun.
one more time.
now I am set free and I can see right through you
but you're too blind to see me.
you're too blind.

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