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You know I can't explain to you
Really how He does it
but He proved Himself to me in such a Holy way
Such a complete way
that I'd die for that faith and I'd die for that believe
Because it is more than a believe
He lives in my heart
And that's the only proof
The only proof that I can give you
Cause He lives in my heart

Most people that knew me before
Didn't know that I could believe something so strong

The Gospel is simpy this:
Jesus will forive all your sins
If you come to Him humbly
Lay down at his feet and say:
'You're the Lord
And I'll follow you the rest of my life on earth
So that I can have the rest of eternity with You
And the Glory of Your Father'

Most people don't find out
'Till it's too late
That someone has to pay the price

You can pay it your self (Hah!)
Or let someone else
But who would be that nice

To pay a debt that isn't his
Well I know someone like that
And He's your best friend
He really is
He really loves you

Most people don't find out
'Till they have death
That they need another life

You say you've heard everything
That's ever been said
About the way the truth, the life
You say you've heard lots of preaching
All before
So many times

But did you ever open up your door
Give Him a chance
To prove Himself
That He's real or not

I hope you find out
Before it's too late
That there's really nobody else

You know its breaking his heart
The longer you wait
Cause You've only been lying to yourself

No one believes a thing you say
Not even you

You know
You're gonna find out that He's the way
No matter which way you choose
But I pray you
Find out by His love for you

Some people won't find out
'Till it's too late

Some people won't find out
'Till it's too late

Would You all bow your heads with me, please?

The Italic lines are from the live-version on 'The Ministry Years Volume 1'

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