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Introductions were made at the age of fifteen
By a suicidal prophet in a halcyon limousine
Fueled by the agents that help us slow down the ride
I'll take a shotgun position till the day I die
You wanna come into my house you wanna cut off my hair
Tell me what to do and tell me what to wear
Come up to me and say you'll fill my needs
And then watch me bleed

Cooling out in the bloodshot blaze of the summer sun
Out to give this life a chance and have me a little fun
Whoever told the truth they told the truth when they lied
When you're a walking approximation of Mr. Hyde
Rice paper walking your way to the top of the pile
In a see through world full of cellophane smiles
They come up to you and say they'll fill your need
Then watch you bleed

They got a name for it

Now I'm rolling through town in that self same limousine
With a couple of coked up beauties that I ain't never seen
Oh I feel like I'm on a roll Hyde's doing the talking and I'm outta control
And what I have learned in ten thousand days
There's no way out of this fucking maze
They'll cone up to and say they'll fill your need

And life is much harder than I thought it would be
Than when I first heard it explained to me
When the questions were all simple and all cut and dried
And they're weren't no talking about the other side
Well I'm getting sick and tired of the whole damn system
Line the greedy motherfuckers up and then I'll cold fist 'em
Come up and say they'll fill your needs
Then watch you bleed

They got a name for it

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