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Embrace The Gutter lyrics

Rating: 4.48
Song Details
Artist(s)The Autumn Offering
Album(s)Embrace The Gutter

This power's racing through these veins.
An anger grows and forgets my name.
Breaking down, I see red.
There's one more dose, just one more dose to clear my head.
I hate, I hate this sickened world.
You know, you know what I mean.
Can you, can you save me now?
Help me from falling down.
Embrace the gutter, cut up another.
These little white pills won't kill you now.
Tomorrow's empty, one taste to hold true.
Today I tempt the, ask not what I do.
I face a new day, with eyes dark and black.
I ask my own mind, now there's no turning back.
I hate this sick world of life.
You know what I feel inside.
Can you save me now?
I'll try.
Help me from falling down.

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