Silence lyrics

Rating: 2.68
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Album(s)Age Of Winter Kings

Where's your breath, which dances with you on a silver flowers,
Which shows you round your dreams and yearns?
Where are all your tears you left me for a memory of sorrowful river?
Where's your soul, which left for the land of immortality?

Now I'm kneeling with a sword in my hand by the well of oblivion
And I'm leaving my destiny, the destiny, which is in mourning.
I'm asking for the end - I can't find your heart, your breath,
Maybe you're distant, maybe behind the horizon.
But my destiny can't see it any more.

I'm crying. I can remember your hair, which remained me
With the hope that I will find the gift of Gods - for you and my belief.
I wish I could feel your breath once more,
Just once more.

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