Crystal Light lyrics

Rating: 2.79
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Album(s)Age Of Winter Kings

I have been lying here for thousand years,
Damned to the eternal suffering.
Who knows how long I will be lying here?
That's not me anymore - an ancient fighter and the King,
The King of Sealathia.

I'm forgotten - my time is up.
There are only remains of suffering and cold.

And you looking at me -
Are you searching for something inside of me?
There's nothing you can find.
Everything was burnt, everything except of hope,
But the hope was forgotten.
So tell me, the fairy, what you are searching inside of me.

Nothing else, my flower found you
And my heart could see you.
Look! There is a sun, there are flowers around you!
And they have been searching you such a long time!
Nevertheless, there is a power,
Which can save you, which survives.

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