Dark Ages lyrics

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Album(s)Age Of Winter Kings

Where is my Sealathia, where my guardians,
Where is my life?

Why is it running - I'm crying alone,
I'm abandoned.
I'm walking over the fire and dead bodies,
Where are all those humans,
Who conjure up these dark rites,
Where are they?
I'm looking for you - my fairies of sun,
I'm searching and asking you to show me
The right way at the moment -
There is only fire left everywhere,
It's running my mind, it creates the
Terrible state of oblivion.
There will be no more sun, neither flowers, nor forests,
Only fire, fire, fire.

Fire - which burnt my heart,
Fire - which burnt my eyes,
Fire - which killed my soul,
Fire - the dragon's power of darkness
Which condemned us to living in dark ages.

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