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Artist(s)Remy Ma
Album(s)There's Something About Remy

Crazy (Crazy)
Some times I'm crazy baby
Crazy (Crazy)
Ooh ooh

[Verse 1]
It's crazy
I be thinkin people tryna play me
Latly I know I be flippin on a daily basis
I hate waitin, I'm impatient
Bitch don't ask me why I gotta nice grill
This is just how my face is
I piss, in public places
Slightly racist, right now I'm robbing a theif and I'm fuckin a rapist
I married an imagrant to get him his papers
Niggaz don't wanna give me the mic cuz they afraid I'mma say shit
And that's right I'mma say shit
Right in they faces
This is Remy straight on the rocks wit nothin but chase it
I'mma new breed of female
Far from the basic
And if you still can't see that then you need to get lasik
I'mma make a statement: I'm the replacement
I'm so close to the top I can almost taste it
So ill, so real so far from fakers
Rem to Fred wit the strip pole in the basement
Now that's crazy

Crazy (Crazy)
Some times I'm crazy baby
Crazy (Crazy)
Ooh ooh - [2x]

[Verse 2]
Some say I'm 7:30 in the M-730
Been smokin since I was 13
Been on my own since I was half of 30
I thought I ain't have to worry
Because I was always pretty
I find a dumb nigga gettin dough and do his pockets dirty
But see that wasn't workin
And I wasn't tryna work in
I got my own work in
I started puttin work in
Some say it ain't worth it
I say I ain't perfect
Matter of fact I'm sayin, doin the fuck I feel
I make people nervous
Who say I ain't bout it
I'm still from the projects
What you talkin bout bitch
I sets it on bounces
I don't think you understand son
You know how many clubs I been from
And I can careless
I'm so careless
I'm from the generation where we did shit because you dared us
I said I wish every breath I take didn't taste like drunk
And every sentence I say came out in a flow
I swear I wouldn't have to write or spend dough on smokes
Now thats crazy

Crazy (Crazy)
Some times I'm crazy baby
Crazy (Crazy)
Ooh ooh

[Verse 3]
Yo I'm crazy nigga
So don't play wit me nigga
Put ya head down when you talk
Watch what you say to me nigga
See I got goupin if I won
I can pay for you nigga
I'm the type let you pipe but I won't stay with you nigga
Leave you in telly on ya belly don't wanna lay with you nigga
Yea I say it's ya pussy but I always say that to niggas
See I'm really the business
This is goin into history
I just got my own company
I love it call me misery
I said I walk around the metal dectors
Who does that
Before I told them lean back
I told bitches to run that
And if they ain't show me where the ones and the funds at
More or less I was gunna show them how the guns clap
I pull a weed nigga and treat his stash like a fun pack
See you tryna do it to me I does that
Hold Up
Matta fact
I think the craziest shit I ever said is I wish I could bring Pun back [echo] back back

Crazy (Crazy)
Some times I'm crazy baby
Crazy (Crazy)
Crazy [echo] crazy crazy crazy
Ooh ooh - [2x]

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