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Artist(s)Remy Ma
Album(s)There's Something About Remy

Oye rrraaa
Yo vamo' hacerlo
Vamo' hacerlo

I'm a one bitch army
Y'all could hardly call me
So imagine when i team up with the puerto rican barbie
It's gon be armed see
Im so from the bronx be
And all i really wanna see
Is blood on the concrete
Bodys in bags and
Flowers on caskets
Corpses swarmin'
With flies and maggots
Innocent girls and boys
Turn into bassets
I wan't bitches to die
Deaths that are tragic
And niggaz fucked in they ass
Turn into faggots
Their balls cut off
And mailed to they parent
See i don't give a fuck
I'm a motha fuckin' savage
Now ya'll tell me
What bitch is the baddest
Miss remy con la queen
You need fire
Tu sabes fuego esta aqui
Vete pal carajo
Nigga far from me
No es dificil pa' ver
It ain't hard to see
A four clip in the extra
Yo soy la mierda tate quieta
This bitch got a bad temper
Respeta puta no pueda joder con nosotras
Un mierda!

[Remy Ma]
CMPR niggaz meant to
The bronx is where they went to
Ima show ya'll mother fuckaz how to rhyme bilingual

[Ivy Queen]
Que llego la diva la caballota
Si preguntas en la calle soy la que te explota

[Remy Ma]
CMPR niggaz meant to
The bronx is where they went to
Ima show ya'll mother fuckaz how to rhyme bilingual

[Ivy Queen]
Tu no querĂ­as mas aqui que me tienes
Dale dale ahora ahora nene

The Girl Is not to be fucked with
See i don't give a fuck
There's not a pussy on this planet that can't be fucked
Bitches don't exist to me
They all cum faced sluts
How much room in your mouth for my name with all that dick you suck
And your husband's a homo
He loves to get stuck
Like dildo's and vibrators shoved in his butt
We ran trizz on his lips
And made him dress up
And I got it on tape
We straight fuckin' raped him
Don't get it confused
See i hate male groupies
Pero he's willin'
Then i'm ready to take the oppurtunity
My bitches is the ilest
So relly we don't gotta care
Vete pa la mierda
Nigga get the fuck out of here
Yo no juego
Nigga i dont play
What i'm capable of
I don't know
Yo no se
Remy ma
I keeps the gun cocked in the auto
Miss ivy queen please canta la coro


[Ivy Queen]
Ms. Remy con la Queen
Ahora nos vamo' a fuego
Este es mi estreno duro como un trueno
La isla del encato
Volando en canto
Y sacarle con su llanto
A sangre fria
Mis quilas tienen crias
Jodedora por si tu no lo sabias
QUEEN llega
A escena
Dan pena
Con las locas que van nebuleando
Yo soy de la calle si me estas buscando
Ando con par de locos pa verte brincando
So no te ajores, no te desesperes mere
Yo tengo el control con las mujeres
Muchas me odian otras me quieren
Vendo mis discos
Y tengo mis bienes
Remy get ready


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