Conceited Messages (Skit) lyrics

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Artist(s)Remy Ma
Album(s)There's Something About Remy


[Remy's son]
"All you nigga's, callin' here for my mommy..
Stay Off Her Shit! that daddy?"

(first unheard message)

[Man Message one]
"Now you don't wanna answer the phone, fuckin' bitch!
that's why i fucked the shit out'chu, fuckin bitch!
i hope all them Terror Squad nigga's is runnin' through you, fuckin bitch!
and imma call the radio staion and tell em'i fucked the shit out you
and i had my dick in ya mouth you ' bitch!
Fuckin' Hate you, you fuckin dirty bitch!
Wack ass Pussy, i ain't callin you no..neva again.
Next time i see you imma juss...put my dick right in
your mouth you bitch!"

(BEEP..message erased)

[Man Message two]
"Yaooo....yo call me back yo,..just playin yo.
yo call me back yo...yo im no wha i mean?
just wanna talk to you for a minute....k?....aight."

(BEEP..message erased)

"Hello don't know me but i just want you to know that im
aware of the fact that your the bitch that's fuckin' my man. And umm.....when his phone be ringin' ova
and ova again early in the morning...that'd be me. He lives with me...he loves me, im not going no where,
we have thirty three kids together..know what im sayin'? i like your music too he's just a little star
struck right now, so if your a real bitch like you say you are then you'll fall back!...and tell him when
he get home.....IM FUCKIN HIM UP!!"

(BEEP..Message erased)

[Remy's Friend]
"YO Rem..iss me...whoever you with, ditch that nigga. Im with 2 nigga's right now and they ready to do
EVERYTHING son....everything. Yo, one nigga talking about There's Something About Remy...check this out
when you get this message bring the dutches wit'chu when you come..and son...this not forget
the camcorder"

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