Stew For The Murder Minded lyrics

Rating: 2.88
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Album(s)Seraphim Fall

Bad Boy 1: Give me a hand with this shit!
Bad Boy 2: Alright, let's do it. He's dead, aint he?
Bad Boy 1: Anybody see you?
Bad Boy 2: Eh... I don't know.
Bad Boy 1: Come on. Hurry up!
Bad Boy 2: Hey, I think I dropped something.
Bad Boy 1: Pick it up. Pick it up!
Bad Boy 3: Ready?
Bad Boy 2: Yeah, let's go!
Something, could be a body, is put in a trunk. Car doors slamming.

Someone: Yeah!
More car doors. Someone fumbling with keys.

Someone: Fuck ... [something] ... Dodge.
Car starts up.

Radio: [something] ... raining ... [something] ... facility.
A cassette is put in the stereo. Some kind of hip-hop?

Bad Boy 1: Do you know were we are going?
Bad Boy 2: No, I ... [something] ... mate .... [something] ... take to the left...
Bad Boy 3: Alright!
Bad Boy 2: Yeah!
Bad Boy 1: Take to the front here.
Bad Boy 3: Alright!
Bad Boy 2: Oh, shit!
Bad Boy 1: I told you ... [something] ... which [something] ... continue.
Bad Boy 2: Keep going!
Bad Boy 1: Turn by the street. I can't believe we beat that shit!
Bad Boy 2: He's gonna... he's gonna meet us outside, right? He's right up front.
Bad Boy 3: That's what he said.
Bad Boy 2: You.. you can drive...
Bad Boy 3: [something] ... shit. He said he could help us.
Bad Boy 2: What did your brother say?
Bad Boy 3: What?
Bad Boy 2: What did your brother say?
Bad Boy 3: [something]
Bad Boy 2: Take it right here.
Bad Boy 3: Yeah. Alright! See this turn up here?
Bad Boy 2: Yes.
Bad Boy 3: Alright. Take right... and then look friendly, no fuckin' bronco.
Bad Boy 2: I think I ... [something]
Bad Boy 3: No, ... [something]
Somebody: Fuck!
Shoot the pig guitars. Car keys again. Doors opening.

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