Lamentations [In Tribute To Infamy] lyrics

Rating: 2.99
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Album(s)Seraphim Fall

This man knows and I know what you need. Lies thrive in the vibe that you conceal. Rapture of this mind. Feel the strain this man, he has made a choice. Burn forever, pain his life. Now he must live to struggle. Burn this time, he'll fight tomorrow. Libertine hate machine. Bearer of forgotten dreams. Fear is no longer a factor as love drowns in the common denominator. Divided by the sun of it's parts. Equivalent to the hate that it breathes. This product near complexion he forgets his dreams. A thousand eyes lamenting.
A million miles from here. Six of them caressing. As ten watch them burn. The six begat two. Has sight forsaken you. Bound frail dreams kiss. Cut hand bleeds. Love holds all these bound frail dreams kill the need. We've become just exactly what we despise we ignore. Lies awake waiting for the end to come. Please quickly. She despises all these places she calls home. Now and forever. So confined restraint and overflow. Lucid visions fractured thoughts. Libertines temple with anticipations. Pain of few feed the masses. A crackhead screams. Dreams tweeks and fiends. Cacophony confusion juses lost dreams with failure. Perversion's disturbed dance with the righteous.

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