The Continuing Saga Of The Classic Bummer lyrics

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Artist(s)Jerry Jeff Walker
Album(s)Jerry Jeff Walker

I guess it all started, the day my brand new car wouldn't
So I took it to this dealer Recommended as a good'un
He told me four hundred bucks would fix it
So I asked about the guarantee
He just smiled and he told me
Slim that ran out last week
I been taken again , I've been taken again
Its like playing the blues
If your snoozing you lose
You'll be taken again
I drove to this bar, outside of Colorado Springs
Gonna drink a case of cold Coors
Hear old Merle Haggard sing
They had this antlered rabbit on the wall
Spiked horns and ears a foot tall
The bartender told me it was a Colorado jack lope
Well later I took home, This old nymphomaniac
But I could not get her to lie upon her back
She told me something in my eyes had made her realize
That she could never do that lustful thing with me

Now people buy the records, think we're working so hard
We're out in the studios, and its five o'clock
They're hanging on every word, waiting on the very next verse
Think things are getting better from here
But I think they're getting worse
Thank god you don't have to hear, the take after this

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