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War In Heaven - The Second Fall lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Artist(s)Saviour Machine
Album(s)Legend Part II

History has fallen, and the gates of Eden
Are closed again ...
From creation to eternity; the spiritual war
For the souls of men ...
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,
But against principalities, and powers and
The rulers of the darkness of this age ...
Behold its legacy .. its destiny turns ...
And there is war in heaven ... hell on earth ...
Behold the great red dragon, that ancient serpent
Who is called the devil and Satan;
He who deceived the world ...
Behold the fallen angel, the father of lies,
The accuser of the brethren stands before them
Day and night ...
How you are fallen from heaven,O Lucifer,
Son of the morning ... How you are cut down
To the ground, you who weakened the nations ...
Behold, the great red dragon crawls ...
Arm yourself in the name of God ...
Behold, the dawn of Satan calls,
Until, the prince of darkness falls ...
Woe to the earth, woe to them;
The devil has come down to you again,
In great wrath, for his time nears the end ...
Time nears the end

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