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The Covenant lyrics

Rating: 3.87
Song Details
Artist(s)Saviour Machine
Album(s)Legend Part II

Little children, it is the last hour ...
The antichrist is with us, even now
The antichrist has come ...
Take my hand, for I am the truth
Taste my blood, for I am the life
Face my name, for I am the way ...
Apocalypse, apocalypse
Ikveta de meshicha
Taste the bitter scroll,
Break the seven seals,
Release the riders of the storm ...
And this begins the conquests of death,
And the destiny of the beloved city ...
I will raise a shepherd in the land
And he shall eat the flesh of the fat
And tear their claws to pieces ...
Woe to the idle shepherd that leaveth the flock;
The sword shall be upon his arm and his right eye
Shall be in darkness ...
On the wing of abominations
Shall be on who makes desolate
And the earth shall be delivered into his hands ...
And he shall confirm a covenant with many;
In the holy land, in the holy land ...
And I saw the beast rising out of the sea
To solve the violent crisis in the Middle East ...
And I saw the devil smile, and I saw the dragon's face,
For that which man reviles he aches to embrace ...
The mystery of iniquity;
The darkest hour of history ...
And now it begins, the man of sins
These times will be fulfilled ...
The interval is over, the prophecy unsealed
This is the time of Jacob's trouble,
This is the seventieth week,
The beginning of sorrows
And the rise of the beast ...
This is the tribulation: Time returned ...
This is the revelation: Behold the end of the world ...
Apocalypse, apocalypse
Ikveta de meshicha
And now she stands at the center of the stage
As he enters the glorious land to seal her fate
For all the powers of this world;
The heir awaits, the heir awaits ...
Seven years ... The time has begun
Seven years ... For I am the one
We have made a covenant with death;
In blood we stand;
The wound we cannot mend ...

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