Ish lyrics

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Artist(s)Trik Turner
Album(s)Trik Turner

Patience at times when its tough makes it
Easy to lose sight in what you strive for so
Much that's why I never trust anyone who tries
To know me, that means to get the best of me
That's either my best friend or my enemy
Philosophy is my strategy either way it be
Society plays a role for me that's called
Lunacy to the tensions and the frustrations that
Are unmentioned to the dome either way you
Can look at it if things are left unsaid it
Remains alone I've tried so hard just to
Get to where I am whether or not you recognize
No you can't deny this but you won't get it
'cause I won't let it ever be a factor cause
I know that's what your after humiliation is
Your destiny for you to get the best of me
You met your match so don't test me or-

You'll get smacked up
You'll get smacked up
Don't talk that crazy ish to me
You better back up

Not from the ghetto but from the get go
Can't let go what I know, mad flow
I manifest with lyrical bless release that
Stress not claimin' the best but I'm preachin'
The test, 22 invested ingested it's like an
Everyday thing man peckerwood slang man
We don't pop collars and we don't pop Krys
We don't smoke trees we puff the dirty shit
We don't roll with players cause we some O.G.'s
We flip two turntables man fuck them CD's
I don't sport ice and I won't thread designers
Dickies to my chucks I consume at Mels Diner
Champagne and caviar makes me feel sick
I won't game a trick unless she sucks a good (whooo)
Dirty dirty, ya'll done heard me
Rollin' in my ride rockin' side to side

Go ahead and talk all that ish man
But you know you ain't got ish to back it
Go ahead and talk all that shit man
But you know we got shit to back it, what

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