Kill Us All lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I feel like, I feel like standing in the midst of a hundred thousand haters,
Dynamite and C-4 strapped around the waist bloody tears
In my eyes, hit the switch, making sure any mother fucka in tha vicinity
Blow away and die,
Kill'em off with an explosion
Get up bitches,
Kamikaze on you hoes I'm the sacrificial lamb,
Feelin the fury flow out of every follicle in my body
While you decompose Die with a blunt of dro in yo hand,
I'm uppin the itchy fo fuckin wit Twista
If you fuckin wit me come bet fifty cause it wont
Be an issue-Got some nuts to come get me
Then boy you gone get the picture put the flame in my
Swisher Then hollows penetrate thru yo tissue
Fuck yo fit up wit yo blood as I hear the cries
Of yo homies screamin revenge
Got no mercy on them either go to war wit the
Intentions to annialate everything you stand for
Wit the death of myself cause I'm a believer
The blessings of sacrifice the messenger who
Cometh after the Christ next 1 to glisten after ice
Fuckin wit me is a bigger gamble then a pack of dice
I'll murder you and come at you again in the after life
My brother you cant bring harm wit guns I'm
Armed wit bombs fuck all that shit you carry I got
Yo obituary a muthafuckin phenomenon-cause I'mma come
Till they put all of us in a cemetery

Now come and look into the mind of a man you don't really wanna
Fuck wit
(kill'em all [3x])
Looking death between the eyes and no one can save us
Sucide on you hoes if I have to, to make you die bitch
Kill us all [3x]
Looking death between the eyes and no one can save us

[2nd verse Twista]
Go to war like I'm untochable yellin out bloody murder
While I'm bustin you 2 deadly fingers squeezing twin
Triggers steady touchin you screamin like a demon
Like I'm finger fuckin you
Just put my body in a room wit the enemy and I got
A grenade I'mma pull the pin out the sum bitch
Pop 17 sins out the gun clip smoking dro so fire
I was on 10 after 1 bligg
Nigga you have now entered the chainsaw massacre
Takin more blood than a 2000 dracula slip the clip in the
Automatic and get to bustin horrific hollows while you
Prayin to jesus of Nazarus
A 7 day theory like makaveli flowin on a track that's
Scary wit a Mack in the back of the pelle
Spectacular how could you dare me I'm already willing to die
I'm comin back after they bury me
Its time for yo confessions I be the priest
Celebrate and salute the sign of a suicidal soldier
Better become a bible holder as I start to massacre
Men with a verbal recital that's colder
Deaths coming closer as you let kamikazi
Enter yo body careful or you die standin vertical
And anyone that opposes I swear to God I'mma get you
Even if I gotta murder me to murder you


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