Watching Me lyrics

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Artist(s)Jill Scott
Album(s)Who Is Jill Scott? Words And Sounds, Vol. 1

Watching me [7 times]
Watching me [7 times]


First thing when I wake up
and right before I close my eyes at night
I think,
Feel man like
I'm under some kind of microscope
satellites over my head
transmitters in my dollars
hawking, watching, scoping, jocking
scrutinizing me
checking to see what im doing
where i be
who i see
how and where and with whom I make my money
What is this??

Excuse me miss
May i have your phone number and your social security ?
Who me?
When all i came to do is buy my double or triple A batteries

Watching me [7 times]
Watching me [7 times]

Look here at this watch of mine
Gotta open it up
Don't know who's been in it
Tracking where I go
Finding out all my business


Video cameras locked on me
In every dressing room
On every floor
In every store

Damn can i get that to my (?)

Equality and privacy

You busy watching me, watching me
That your blind baby
You neglect to see
The drugs coming into my community
Weapons coming into my community
Dirty cops in my community

And you keep saying that im free
[3 times]

Busy watching me

Watching Me [7 times]
Watching Me [7 times]

I ain't got no bars to this cage
If I'm gonna stay here
I'm gonna build me a lead house
Keep them satellites out
Direct TV
Am I watchin' it or is it watchin' me?
Man I don't really know
but I feel like

I feel like I'm being scoped y'all

Watch y'all
Somethin' ain't right [2 times]


And you keep sayin' that I'm free [6 times]
And you keep sayin' that I'm free [6 times]

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