Fuck The World lyrics

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Album(s)American Apathy

Last night down in Mexico
I'm fucked up at the after show
Senoritas got an ounce of blow
The bus is leaving and I don't wanna go

I've seen inside of me
This side is everything
I've seen and I'm gonna be
Fuck rehability

I don't need it
Fuck the world

One time bout a year ago
I flatlined but I diden't go
i came late
But I made the show
I diden't tell you
Youd've never fuckin known

I've seen bout everything
Sex drugs sobriety
I've laughed at all of
The suggested remedies
I've seen so much of the
Government hypocrisy
I've pissed off everything
I don't care what you think

I don't need it
Fuck the world

It's that time I don't want to go
Show time after the show
I'd rather pass out on the floor
Fuck you and
Fuck the world

Fuck the world
And fuck you too
Fuck the world
And fuck me too

I don't need it
I don't need this shit
Fuck the world
And fuck you too
Mother fucker

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