Penguins On Broadway lyrics

Rating: 3.63
Song Details
Artist(s)Yahwe Mutabo
Cedric Deberché
Album(s)Yahwe Goes Broadway

Nuns demonstrate on Kudamm
Against the lack of action in their nunnery
All desperate they implore
A group of penguins because they need some support
This little difference 's just apparent to the lord

The nuns' boss Sister Mary
She's allergic to that kind of public work
Tells them it's a disgrace
And sends them back to their familiar place
Though the penguins found their action was real ace

These energetic little penguins
Jump into their Ford
Now they're gonna do their own show
And they decide to go abroad

So now the penguins walk on Broadway
Juggling with their plastic bowler hats
With jelly and fake snow
They promote their latest maniac-show
Their greatest gig - you just can't say "OH NO!"

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