Don't Neglect Nobody lyrics

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Artist(s)Yahwe Mutabo
Album(s)  -

Sun picks her head up, sees sky of blue
Here comes a new day we're all going through
Some people will be born today, take wings and fly
Some gonna fade away, some gonna die
Good morning Africa, my name is Spain
I hear you're thirsty, no need to explain
Get you water, quick as can be
You're a big part of my family

Down in the city, out on the farm
Everybody tries to keep safe from harm
Some haulin water, some planting seeds
So many people, so many needs
Hello India, I'm from Peru
What in the world are we gonna do
So many people poor as can be
They're a big part of my family

Internet message reminds everyone
There's a connection to all that gets done
Nobody need to wonder why they must care
Bout what is going on everywhere
Hello America, how do you do
Everybody is counting on you
Look in the mirror what do you see
Great big reflection of my family

So tell your people get in line
Learn to sing on key, carry out family responsibility
Help the weak one to be strong, lost one to be found
Don't neglect nobody whole world round
Yeah--don't neglect nobody whole world round

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