No More Blood lyrics

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I hate saying it, but I'm saying it, for so many years I've been praying it. You hate
hearing it, cause you're fearing it, but wait another minute, this ain't nearly it. I
can't believe it , can you believe it, you keep destroying everything there is. I
can't conceive it can you conceive it, if so why don't you tell me what it is?

I hate seeing it, but I'm seeing it, too much blood and pain, can't be agreeing it.
I hate feeling it, but i'm feeling it, so much hate inside, must be releaing it. you
kill my brother and then another, it's just a daily routine and you don't bother.
You're so fucked, cause you don't even see, if you don't value life, you don't
deserve to be !

Come on ! Where's your self esteem?
Fuck you ! How could you be so mean?
Wise up

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