Julen Är Här Igen lyrics

Rating: 2.70
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Artist(s)The Rasmus

It all started up when I was fighting with a cop.
At least I could stop. I guess I couldn't stop.
Hey, I'm in the voice now 'n' you have only one choice.
I will make you choose my, my, my, my, my stooooory.

No, I'm not fading, not even hesitanding.
Still I 'm gonna say,
if you would say that this is law 'n' you better obey me,
I'm gonna teach you.

Shut up! Or else I gonna spit you to the face.
Shut up! Or else I gonna treat you like a cop.
Kick you to the head, as long as you are dead.
My dick says "swing",
when you hit me with that black thing. Go.

Making love is a waste of the time.

Let me make you see this case from my side.
We ain't here for any trouble,
can you break a bubble bam, bam, zidili.
You were so dumb that wouldnt go with the flow home,
when I told.
Let me make you to be welcome to the world where is no bad,
there is no thing called cop,
who don't give a fuck about nothing else but his own fucking duties.

That thing just took me down

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