Envious lyrics

Rating: 3.26
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Artist(s)The Hellacopters
Album(s)High Visibility

Out of time out of tune
Born sucking on a silver spoon
Trying hard for the best
You don't come close but I can stand the test
Here's a hint here's a clue
I'm the wolf in the movie 'bout you
So pull a knife but I stand on it's edge
l'm the allegiance the one that you pledge

You wanna rise to the occation
But there's nothing to prove
You'll be two steps back
While I'm on the move
And it makes you feel

Envious - You can try but you won't nail it down
Envious - You turn it up but it don't make no sound
Envious - It's good looking at the first glance
But you' re so envious - And you don't stand a chance

You got the axe but I got the licks
I've got the drugs but baby you've got the ticks
You're a word not worthy a mention
I'm the teacher and you've got detention

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