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Future Blues lyrics

Rating: 3.53
Song Details
Artist(s)The Gun Club
Album(s)Ramblin Jeffrey Lee Cypress Grove With Willie L

Can't tell my future, I can't tell my past.
Lord it seems every minute, sure gonna be my last.

The minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days,
The minutes seem like hours, hours seem like days,
And it seems like my woman oughta stop her lowdown ways.

The woman I love now she's five foot from the ground,
I said, the woman I love now, Lawdy, five feet from the ground,
And she's tailor made and ain't no hand me down.

Lord and I got a woman now Lord and she's like lightning,
when she, lightning, when she, lightning smile.
I says I got a woman Lord and she's lightning when she smiles.
Five feet and four inches and she's damn good liking size.

Well I know you see that picture now Lordy, up on your mother's,
up on your mother's, mother's shelf.
I know you see that picture now, up on your mother's shelf.
Well you know by that I'm gettin' tired of living by myself.

And it's T for Texas, now T for Tennessee.
And it's T for Texas, now it's T for Tennessee.
Lord, left that woman, that put that thing on me.

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