Time Is Not A Remedy lyrics

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Album(s)Nothing Will Go Wrong

Been getting used to what I see
been getting used to what I need
been getting used to what I do
been getting used to even you
rising up to get me down
stay awake to stay around
and if I scream without a sound
it makes me going round and round
oh well
just made me hungry like a thief
just fills me up with disbelief
this made me tired, made me tameand
and I don't even feel ashamed
I'm forcedto blame it once again
on time - it's always been the same
a thousand wounds that cannot heal
a thousand reasons why we never ever feel
never ecer feel
oh well
to all the ones that don't suppose
and all the ones who listen close
in case of someone get me wrong
this ain't no superstition song
if only we could turn it back
if we could push it from the track
if only we could fight the fear
if we were old enough to disappear
slowly disappear
time is not a remedy
time is just an enemy
we're aimless an anemic everyday
time is not receivable
time is unbelievable
time's about to steal it all away
time is just invincible
time's a fucking prinicpal
a dazer and eraser from behind
oh this is no philosophy
this is curiosity
this is just the symphony
of time

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