P.i.t.a. lyrics

Rating: 5.04
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Artist(s)Pain In The Ass

Say my name say my name
when no one is around you baby say my name

p.i.t.a. fuck you if you judge every single word i say
it’s to loud in here so i have to scream
this time it’s not just because sick of everything

p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. get out of my way
p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. p.i.t.a. all day every day

if you cant relate
to it don’t waste your time and don’t wait
impossible to fix this chaotic mind state
so rewind and erase create some new space

so if you don’t really fucking need it
go ahead and throw it all away

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