Bein' A Star lyrics

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Album(s)The One-t Odc

Ads for T-cereal
He's swimming laps
In your breakfast bowl
Forgot his life before
So he don't even know
His street friends no more

On Radio One-TV
Girls want a piece of T
On Radio One-TV
You, eat, sleep, dream One-T

Bein' a star

The press, trey caug one-t
Was gettin' wasted
At the backtage party
Boom chicks
They play his game
They're eatin'up all one-t's
Instant pop fame

On radio One-TV
Girls want a piece of T
On radio One-TV
You eat, sleep, dream One-T

Look hard at your face
Your doble's been
Takin' your place
Hear that little voice
Get back on your real path, One-T !
Make that choice!

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