Soothe Yourself lyrics

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Artist(s)Luscious Jackson
Album(s)Fever In Fever Out

i've been soother
and i've been wife
tried to solve your life
stuck with you through your rainy days
thought that it was just a phase
when the sun came out i tried
to get away and fly
but the needs we had did not subside
what a way for our love to die

i've been hiding behind my gifts
i give until it starts to rip
the skin is torn where i begin
the thread is worn and might give in
underneath it all i feel the eyes
of all the things that i despise
can i fight them off with sticks and stones
can i fight them off alone

soothe yourself [x3]

now i'm thinking about my own advice
if i could soothe myself it might be nice
callin' names ain't the same no more
took a look and locked that door
memories and cold hard facts
watched it all come rushing back
all the times i told you what to do
all the times i thought i knew

soothe yourself [x4]

soothe yourself [x3]

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