Virgin Mary lyrics

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Album(s) (wicket World Wide)

Yeah What. Don't give a fuck
I said what
Real it don't matter no mo
worldwide and beyond

Verse 1:
Big top the man Kick over the mic stand
I'm the man wit the whole world in his hand
I'm the man touchin down in foreign land
Makin plans to come see me don't even take a glance
Close ya eyes hold on for the ride
Like a rollercoaster, smokin up the shit you didn't knowitcha
Fuckin up the game, the game's over
Got, hane(?) like a soldier, pull thangs a smoke ya
Who the fuck you lookin at, wit a grin
Throw it down before I, commit a sin
Little kick that witty shit again
Bitch we on the map, detriot michigan
We don't just say thangs we don't play games
We the bitches of the dogs, like a great dang
Let the perpicture begin don't ever de-sin
I feel like I got the fide to let the ?
I got a reese that'll out box ya
I got a peice that'll automatically stop ya
All i'm chasin is a little dough
He don't move a little slow
Hit it wit the beat too

Verse 2:
Sometimes, I just don't know
Should I grab a pistol
And put yo fuckin brains on the flo'
And watch yo blood spill on the flo'
Let your light flow, wicked ass flow
Oh no, acid, right around the lyrical tablets
My design blows ya mind like ya habbage
Chemical imbalance, watch ya tellence
Fo' da scalence, 9 cock, for the rapper
Rap violent, Never silent,
Walkin on the strings of a violen
I mean, still high flyin, step away from dyin
Souls try to call out, to friends they lyin

Fuck the world
Did ya hear me?
I said fuck the world

Verse 3:
Mothafuckas try to snap shit,
we the ones that drop hot shit
Underground guys whof ain't a flop bitch
Hard core, out lastin'
I gotta keep blastin
I got myself above the world man fuck the world
Came through Pimped the streets and fucked ya girl
Got clientele on my dick too
sittin on the love on ya chime to get too
Now bend through the door ya tryin fit through
Just another nigga tryin to get rich too
TNT, The mothafucka wit a nuff game
To make the virgin mary suck dick, and snatch cocaine

Fuck the world
Did ya hear me?
I said fuck the world
And beyond

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