Telly Savales lyrics

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Album(s) (wicket World Wide)

Yo,y-o y-o, y'all wanna know sumthin about me check,check this out

Don't nobody love me cause of 7 M-i-l-e
Got one million enemies, a uzi in my Pelle
Every nigga in the industry know they can't say shit
Yo game is brand new, my shit is fuckin ancient
Paint cha picture when I hitcha getcha fitcha for the slitcha
My eyes bloodshot red, gone off liquor
Get me higher than a muthafucka waitin on doomsday
I'm shuttin shit down like a Y2K
Keep a AK close, just in case I gotta toast
And have me a radio disc jock roast
Most muthafuckas know, automatic with the static
Bumpin Triple 6,my voodoo and black magic
It's a tragic accident, my telekinesis is sent
To know the difference between an angel and a serpent
Wanna be a murder merchant,police keep illegal searchin
Caught with possesion on ya person 'll have ya head hurtin

Don't nobody love me, but me, love me
[Esham] Who loves ya baby repeat 1x

N-o l-o-v-e life tryna scold me
Pieces of my mind chopped like dime rocks from a whole key

I keep the world drunk ain't no love for thee
Get yo ass out my face 'fore the shit get ugly
Don't nobody love me,fuck me, Is god tryna kill me? Must be
Five fingers can't feel me, two hands can't touch me
We outcha mind ahead of space and time, trust me
Who loves ya baby? Who drives ya crazy
Wanna spray me,even in stereo you couldn't play me
Stormin,swarmin,wicket style spawnin
I'ma rock it till I die punk, in the mornin'
Acid,classic, melt ya down like plastic
I'ma son-of-a-bitch, my father was a bastard
I mastered the fast lane and then I went faster
And plus I'll assasinate ya with my gun blaster
If you weigh me on a scale you'll get a thousand grams
What's the price of betrayal,push a V-12 thru hell, oh well

repeat chorus 2x

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