Be Careful What U Wish For lyrics

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Album(s)Multikillionaire...the Devil S Contract

God say pray cuz the devil don't pray
You didn't know I was a witch did ya
Voodoo it just might come true

This ain't ya same old story rags to riches
Seems like I'm living in hell even though I got my wishes
This is so serious I'll never get it twisted
Make a visit to gothom city you're on the road with the wicked
I love women but I still call 'em bitches
Rtaher smoke this green leaf but I still smoke swishas
Rather live in the hills but I'm in the hood
So many people I would kill if I could
Manic Mastamind with the rhyme thinking bout time
Thinking bout how I'm gonna live and die with mine
Say fuck 'em all
Like my nigga E say, fuck the radio and the DJ
So wicket nigga make you kneel and pray
Oh my god there they go, here we come, they done came
With a gang gothom niggas insane
Be careful what U wish for

I'm sick of all these niggas make me think sick thoughts
Conspiracy and murder ways not to get caught
I'm thinkin suicide suicide is on my mind
The U-N-H-O-L-Y takin a walk through time
On the flatline
I'm out my mind I write my rhymes in blood
Kidnap your baby mama drag her through the mud
I don't give a fuck about where you from
Nigga I bust dum dum's at dum dum's
I'm comin up your block to set up shop burn up your block right
I'm from Detroit where niggas burn up shit on devil's night
If you do not know me I don't give a fuck what
N-A-T-A-S blood's on my chest
Forgive me for my sins but I'll have to kill again
Some cracker commit suicide as soon as I begin
No more will I let you know that the flow is critical
Fuck the police, my shit's still political
In this New World Order, it's a slaughter
Be careful what you wish for

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