All Praises Due lyrics

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Album(s)Multikillionaire...the Devil S Contract

"Ready nig?"

Let me put you up on this, like I roll this
I'm more than just a microphonist
Let me the fuck alone trick
Get your mail on with out me, I'll get mine no doubt
And do the pussy all night freak, is this the game about
We own shit, and they done let me in to make mill
From coast to coast to rock the bill, do this shake the hills
Set up shop on ya block here I come
Make the business move smooth with the hum
Young nation leader, lead a pack a killas to enter
We sinners, we finna eat yo ass for dinner

(Mastamind's Chorus)(4x)
And all praises due to Gothom
I keep goin till the sun rise
Son of a gun Blaz4Me

Let me tell you a famous story about a nigga
You never heard about
Nigga disrespect and get your mouth blew out
Straight flew out the coop, check the scoop
Young boy on the microphone, yes incorporated
B-boy flowin nigga, check my file
Nigga got more rhymes than hairdressers got hairstyles
Old school, new school, legend in my own time
In fear of a black planet still on my mind
So why you diss a nigga for a outfit
I'm tryin' not to be a toilet in the world a shit

(Esham's Chorus)(4x)
And all praises due to Gothom
I keep goin till the midnight
Son of a gun, Blaz4Me

Keep my name out yo mouth, before my dick be in it
Didn't I tell you motherfuckers? I was in it to win it
Still cold as dry ice make these niggaz think twice
Droppin bombs on ya ass make you scream for your life
Let's get acquainted, let me kick the game for ya
Bang it, point blank, frame it in the picture fame for ya
Shit we do is real, fuck hoes pack steel
We all about our money rap on tracks for mills
And if you niggaz wanna test us
You lucky charm ass niggaz fan out slugs, magically delicious

(TNT's Chorus)(4x)
And all praises due to Gothom
I keep goin like all day
Son of a gun, Blaz4Me

Yeah, blasphemy, would you blast for me?
Cause I would blast for me, you know what I mean?
Don't be

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